Self testing health kits?

Self testing health kits?

It’s a home test kit designed to detect ailments at the comfort of your home. It is one of the most convenient ways of getting to know your health status and with confidence.

How to use self testing health kits safely

Before buying self testing health kits, talk to a health professional who can help you decide which kit is best for you and how to use it.

With proper use of self health testing kits one is able to handle the concerns he/she may have such as sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, infertility etc. and it’s safe.

Purchasing self testing health kits carefully

If you are buying self testing health kits online, it is important to be cautious of the claims they make, as they may be confusing. Make sure that the self testing health kits are sealed and free from any damage to the wrapping, and is within its expiry date beforehand. If you have any fears about the quality of the self testing health kits, for example if it is damaged, you should not use it. Note that self testing health kits should never replace a health professional’s advice.

Advice about self testing health kits

If you are taking any medicines, consult with a health professional about it so that you may be directed on what to do as some medicines may interfere with your test results or using self testing health kits may not be suitable for you.

Your results

Once you get your results whether positive or you cannot interpret it as there are no self testing health kits that are 100% reliable, make sure you get advice from a health professional to certify the results. It is very vital to do so as soon as possible so that you can be accorded the emotional and medical attention that you may require.