Fun Corporate Team Building Activities

Corporate team building activities are meant to strengthen employee relations and to promote their unity. Team building ideas may be categorized into; decision making/problem-solving activities, communication activities, planning activities, and activity aimed at building trust. The basic things are to come up with activities that are both fantastic and challenging with the main focus of building teamwork skills which can help to boost the employees productivity.

In this article, we are going to look at some team building activities that you can engage in and get the most out of them.

1. Tell Stories.

One of the things that you can do is to spin stories. You can give every participant a picture and let nobody reveal the content of his/her pic. Everybody will have his/her turn to reveal the pic content. Ask everybody to come up with a story that relates to the pic they have. As they reveal the content in the pics they can tell they are amazing stories. They need to make sure that these stories are compatible with the pics they have. This is the way the employees will learn to be more creative and to respect each other ideas.

2. Coin Logo.

Ask all the members to empty their wallets and pockets and let them place whatever they have on the table. If there is anybody without a coin ask the rest to share their with him/her so that everybody has the same amount. Ask every person to design their own logo utilizing the coins on the table in just a minute. If you have very many participants, you can group them into smaller groups of about 3 to 6 individuals. Every person or group leader at the corporate events can then explain their logo to the rest so as to let them understand what it represents. This will help to promote mutual and self-awareness and help employees to understand each other better.

3. Picture Pieces Game.

This is yet another fantastic activity that you should try out on stag weekends . In this activity, you can choose a big picture, for instance, a big pic of a cartoon and then cut it into smaller parts of equal sizes. You should then give every participant a piece and instruct them to draw an exact copy of the piece they have but magnified (five times bigger than the original). Make sure that they have everything they have. For instance, pencils, rulers, markers, etc. Once they are done, you can ask them to join their pieces so that it matches the original piece but this time round magnified. This way, the employees will be able to learn the need for teamwork.

4. Unbreakable Egg Contest.

This is yet another awesome activity you can try. You can split all the participants into two large groups and let them build an egg package that can survive a drop from eight-foot above the ground. After that, let each team demonstrate their creativity and show how it works. This activity is very important and will help to promote teamwork, creativity, decision making, etc.